Investment Process

Rigorous due diligence by our expert analysts has been key to consistent and successful investment performance.

An investment process focused on risk managed performance

Our investment objective is to achieve consistent risk-managed performance over the long term using collective investment funds.

The process is designed to make the role of a financial adviser easier by giving them access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Our team has the time and resources to do the simple things well, so we ensure that every decision we make is informed by an up-to-the-minute understanding of asset classes and the wider macro-economic climate. Our knowledge and expertise are made available to our financial adviser partners.

Investment Committee

Our Investment Committee meets every month to determine the “top-down” strategic asset allocation. We analyse both geographic and sector trends, assess the macro-economic outlook and review the performance of each portfolio’s funds.

This is very much a team effort, with every member of the Investment Team having a vital part to play. The Investment Committee includes the Compliance Officer because of regulatory requirements and an independent investment expert to add breadth and value to the decision-making process.

Fund selection

Our Investment Team then carries out in-depth expert analysis throughout the month, meeting regularly with fund managers, to decide the “bottom-up” fund selection. With a diversity of skills, knowledge and experience, our team has the resources to make informed investment decisions.

The team always has the autonomy and flexibility to react quickly to changing market conditions, so they are able to adjust investors’ portfolios quickly to protect against fluctuations. This approach to risk management is strengthened because we set tolerances for portfolios, allowing the team to make regular adjustments while ensuring they remain within agreed risk controls.