We believe that investment professionals perform best in an environment in which they have autonomy to pursue their own skills in the style of their choosing.  The structure of our company seeks to maximise each person’s skills and to optimise their working relationships with each other for the benefit of our partners and their clients.

The Investment Team

This is the engine room of our business, where the investment team have many years of experience in various investment roles. 

Underlying funds selected by the investment team are continuously monitored.  The team have open lines of communication with all the leading fund management groups and their managers. They are well versed in a flexible approach to fund management, with the ability to manage the core strategies that form the base of a client’s investment portfolio, and able to evaluate other areas of investment to match a particular tolerance to risk or the individual wishes of an investor.

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The Operation and Finance Team

This vital area has the core objective to maintain a level of service that exceeds client expectation.  The team ensure the investment decisions are executed effectively and that investment portfolios properly record values and transactions.  In addition the operations team supply valuations and tax reports for investors using our internal platform, while the finance specialists deal with client account reconciliation and regulatory reporting. The team is led by our experienced Head of Operations and Compliance Officer, Mick Fitzgerald.

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The Business Development Team

This team is the first point of call for Advisors, whether they are currently clients of our company or wish to enquire further about our services.  We recognise the importance of our relationship with our Adviser partners and our Business Development Manager is supported by our sales team.

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The Board

Governance and Culture is the responsibility of our Board who set the professional tone of our company.  The executives are all board members. 

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