As financial advisers you work in a very challenging regulatory environment.  Selecting and managing investments requires specialised knowledge and time to maintain suitable client portfolios. We work exclusively with you, complementing your advice and adding real value with our clear, practical and effective approach to investment decisions.

We understand your concerns over matters such as loss of investment control, additional costs and potentially weakening your client relationship.  You are our client.  Our approach is to create a partnership with you that reduces these concerns, benefiting your business and your clients.  Our partnership with you provides:-

  • More time to focus on growing your business and managing existing client relationships
  • Reduced risk through access to dedicated expert investment knowledge and research
  • Decreased administrative burden and costs by outsourcing responsibility for investment management decisions
  • Enhanced client proposition by adding a broad range of risk graded discretionary model portfolios

Communication is critical to a successful partnership.  In addition to our monthly factsheets you will also receive our weekly market update.  We are always available to answer your questions.